RVV departure monitor for your smartMirror
Development of the RVV departure monitor: Show upcoming trips to certain destinations
M.Sc.project: GesundPlus Quattro
Entwicklung einer datenschutzkonformen Client-Server-Infrastruktur zur Berechnung von Qualitätsindikatoren der ambulanten Versorgung in heterogenen Praxisnetzen
The smartMirror in action
RaspberryPi + LCD panel: Different contents are presented in the form of a digital mirror
The MedDoser is ready.
The device MedDoser is a RaspberryPi equipped with a touch screen and other components and supports patients in taking their medication. It offers acoustic and visual reminder functions and provides a history that allows the patient to follow the course of medication exactly to the day and time.


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Welcome to my site!

Here I present some of my projects and current topics in (medical) informatics. There are also tips and tricks as well as news from all over the world.


panorama 3578084 640 regensburg pixabay

The city on the Danube has been the centre of my life since 2013.

The student city has a lot to offer historically and culturally and is a figurehead of the Upper Palatinate.


raspberry blanko

In the past years I have implemented several projects based on Linux with the Raspberry Pi 3.

Here is an overview of my hardware projects.


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Study, leisure or voluntary work:

Software projects, primarily realized with Java, C++, Python and various scripting languages, are collected and documented here.







Latest articles

JModule - Sample Joomla! module template

Very simple, straight-forward & ready-to-install Joomla module. It was developed using version 3.9 of Joomla! CMS.

After installing, you can create arbitrary instances of the module and place them on any module position of your template.

It comes with 3 sample parameters which can be adjusted in the module settings.

The sample module content shows some static text and a PHP button, which prints some text to the div container nearby.

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MagicMirror²: Development of the RVV departure monitor

By developing a departure monitor for the RVV (Regensburger Verkehrsverbund) train and bus system (ÖPNV / public transport), I extended the variety of the modules, offered by the amazing MagicMirror² project. Feel free to install the module to your MagicMirror installation and give me feedback about the behaviour or possible extensions.

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Improve your workflow with git hooks

In order to extend the functionality of git, I recommend you the concept of hooks. They can be put into your Fetch/Pull/Deploy workflow at any desired level.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that they're just working locally. If you want to provide them on your repository provider (like github.com), you can make use of so-named web hooks.

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How to create your own PKI with OpenSSL

Have you ever wanted to create your own PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), including Root-CA and several Intermediate CAs, a working OCSP-Responder and a client certificate generator?

You don't want to dig too deep into the details of OpenSSL, instead just start setting up your PKI running a couple of scripts?

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How to to install a SSL certificate on Windows Server 2016

If you always feel annoyed of clicking and accepting an unknown or at least untrusted SLL certificate on a RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) connection negotiation, you can provide a SSL certificate at this place. This can either be a purchased one for your public domain or just a common, locally-used certificate.

This guide shows how to put your certificate to a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Standard (Build 14393) RDP connection.

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git is the goal: Installation and management of a Version Control System (VCS)

I will here drop some thoughts and design recommendations that you should consider when migrating from a formerly used VCS (Version Control System) to a newer one. As I am a fan of the usage of workflow concepts, the periodic workflow scheme will be focused in this article.

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Masterarbeit: Berechnung von Qualitätsindikatoren

Meine Studienlaufbahn und somit auch das Masterstudium der Fachrichtung Medizininformatik an der OTH Regensburg wird mit der Masterarbeit abgeschlossen.

Ihr Titel lautet "Entwicklung einer datenschutzkonformen Client-Server-Infrastruktur zur Berechnung von Qualitätsindikatoren der ambulanten Versorgung in heterogenen Praxisnetzen".

Die in diesem Rahmen entwickelte Software bietet niedergelassenen Haus- und Fachärzten die Möglichkeit, die Versorgung ihrer Patienten durch die Analyse von Qualitätsindikatoren zu verbessern.

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